Super Grammar: Meet the Super Grammar Super-Teams!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Meet the Super Grammar Super-Teams!

Hey everybody,

We thought you might like to meet the four super-teams that are in Super Grammar, so let's take a look inside the book and meet them! But before we open the front cover, take a look at the edge of the book, and you'll notice that it's color coded.
The color coding makes it easy to find and jump to the grammar subject you'd like to learn about. Each colored chapter represents one of the four Super Grammar super-teams that you meet inside the book, and each super-team has the power to teach you about a specific area of grammar.

There are four color coded chapters in Super Grammar: Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green.

In the yellow chapter you meet the Completion Team!
This super-team has two members:
  1. The Subject
  2. The Predicate
The Completion Team is the smallest of all the super-teams, but they might very well be the most important grammar super-team you'll ever meet—because this team helps you learn about forming complete sentences that are strong and correct.

In the red chapter you meet the Amazing Eight!
This super-team has ten members:
  1. The Noun Team (the Common Noun and the Proper Noun)
  2. The Pronoun
  3. The Verb Team (the Verb and the Primary Helping Verb)
  4. The Adjective
  5. The Adverb
  6. The Conjunction
  7. The Preposition
  8. The Interjection
The Amazing Eight are the eight parts of speech. We need the eight parts of speech because they're the words that make up our sentences. Once you learn about these superheroes, your sentences will have all the power they need to express themselves to the fullest. 

In the blue chapter you meet the Super Symbols!
This super-team has twelve members:
  1. The Period
  2. The Question Mark
  3. The Exclamation Point
  4. The Comma
  5. The Colon
  6. The Semicolon
  7. The Apostrophe
  8. The Dash
  9. The Hyphen
  10. The Quotation Marks
  11. The Parenthesis
  12. The Ellipsis
The Super Symbols are the brave and dependable punctuation marks that help keep our sentences clear and organized. After you learn their super powers and master their code, these powerful punctuation marks will always fight to keep your sentences completely on point.

And finally, in the green chapter, you meet the Sabotage Squad!
This super-team has five members:
  1. Double Negative
  2. The Run-on
  3. The Fragment
  4. The Comma Splice
  5. The Disagreement
The Sabotage Squad is a rotten bunch of sentence supervillains, and these sneaky characters are out to wreck any sentence they can get their hands on. Whatever it takes to break your sentences—you can bet that this nasty bunch will do it!

OK! Now you've met the four Super Grammar super-teams, and in our book, each and every character comes with a full description of super powers and is accompanied by fun and colorful Super Example sentences (like these).

We hope you've enjoyed meeting our Super Grammar super-teams, and we hope that they'll be super helpful to you as you fight your never-ending battle between good and bad grammar!

The Super Grammar Team

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