Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Proper Noun

(When we started making Super Grammar we thought it would be a good idea to use super-teams to help keep things organized.  For example, there is more than one type of noun, so to help illustrate the difference between them we've made each type of noun an individual hero, but to show that they're closely related we've kept them all as part of the same super-team. 

Super-team members will often have similar looking costumes, but the individual heroes within the teams will always have character specific details which will help you in remembering that particular hero's unique power and function.

* * *

And now, please allow me to introduce to you a most excellent part of speech and sentence superhero, The Proper Noun.  This is a hero of strong character and capital standing, and he takes his responsibilities most seriously.
As a faithful member of the Noun Team, this hero has the same shape-changing abilities as his partner, The Common Noun, but The Proper Noun will only use his powers to change into a person, place, or thing that has a specific (proper) name, like: Jack Kirby, Alphabet City, or Halley's Comet.  And aside from being regarded as the Noun Team's most formal member, The Proper Noun is also recognized for being, quite simply, an all-around good chap.

The Proper Noun can change into a person, place, or thing that has a specific (proper) name.  This means that The Proper Noun will always start with a capital letter.

The Proper Noun is a member of the Noun Team.  Together with his Noun Team partner, The Common Noun, these two heroes are always ready to give your sentences everything that they've got—lock, stock, and double smoking barrel.



Dr. Sarah Johnson has mutant powers.

Dr. Sarah Johnson: a proper noun as a person


The Brain is hatching an evil plot.

The Brain: a proper noun as a person


Atlantis is deep beneath the sea.

Atlantis: a proper noun as a place


Area 51 is a mysterious location.

Area 51: a proper noun as a place


The Crown Jewels have been stolen.

Crown Jewels: a proper noun as a thing (concrete/tangible)


Friday is when we strike!

Friday: a proper noun as a thing (abstract/intangible)

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