Super Grammar: The Fragment

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fragment

The Sentence Fragment is a weak and crumbly bad guy who enjoys breaking up the strength and stability of your sentences.

Watch out for this character because there's nothing he loves more than putting your sentences on shaky ground.  He does this by making you use incomplete sentences.  A sentence needs both a subject and a predicate in order to be strong and complete.  If a sentence is missing either the subject or predicate, then it’s not really a sentence—it’s only a weak fragment.
The Fragment sneaks into your writing and makes your sentences crumble and fall apart, just like he does.



The Mole King and his legions.

Fragment: missing a predicate (The Mole King and his legions are doing what?)

The Mole King and his legions are attacking.

Fixed: by adding a predicate


Eating up the entire city.

Fragment: missing a subject (Who or what is eating up the city?)

Hipposaurus Rex is eating up the entire city.

Fixed: by adding a subject


With his x-ray vision.

Fragment: missing a subject and predicate (Who is doing what with x-ray vision?)

View Master spotted the bomb with his x-ray vision.

Fixed: by adding both a subject and a predicate

The Fragment loves a fractured sentence, but this cracked character is no match for the combined strength of The Subject and The Predicate.  As hard as he might try, he'll never be able to break down the stability of the Completion Team.  So remember, if you don't want your sentences to crumble and fall apart—never let The Fragment break up the team! 


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