Super Grammar: The Noun

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Noun

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  Either way—it's still a noun.
This shape-shifting hero, The Noun, is a member of the super team called The Amazing Eight, and this pliable part of speech can transform into any person, place, or thing within a sentence.  Though his official title is The Common Noun, everybody just calls him The Noun, for short.  But, even if you prefer to call him by his official title, you'd still have to agree that there is nothing common about his amazing super power.
This shape-shifting hero can change his form to be any person, place, or thing in a sentence.

The Common Noun is a member of The Noun Team.  Together with his Noun Team partner, The Proper Noun, these two heroes are always ready to give your sentences everything that they've got—lock, stock, and double smoking barrel.



This man is under my spell.

man: a noun as a person


The girl is invisible.

girl: a noun as a person


The city is under attack.

city: a noun as a place


My home planet is far away.

home planet: a noun as a place


This safe is burglar-proof.

safe: a noun as a thing (concrete/tangible)


Justice will prevail.

Justice: a noun as a thing (abstract/intangible)


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