Friday, December 31, 2010

The Adverb

Verbs—as powerful as they are—can only express so much information before they reach their limit.  That’s when verbs need a courageous teammate to lend them a helping hand; that’s when verbs need the power of The Adverb!
The Adverb is a modifier, and she uses her super handy modifying tool to help give verbs the extra punch that they need to power up a sentence.  She does this by adding descriptive information about the specific verb she’s modifying.

For example, the verb fight in the sentence, “I fight.” can only tell you: I fight. But an adverb modifying that verb can tell you when (I fight now), where (I fight here), why (I fight for justice), and how (I fight diligently).

By simply adding an adverb, you can boost, intensify, and clarify the meaning of your sentences—and that’s the true power of The Adverb.  And although her name is The Adverb, this hero doesn’t limit her amazing powers to just helping verbs.  She also helps adjectives and other adverbs too! 

The Adverb has the ability to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs in a sentence.  By modifying these words, she helps answer these questions: when? where? why? and how? 

The Adverb's useful sentence-enhancing powers make her a valued member of The Amazing Eight (A.K.A. parts of speech), and a powerful ally to The Verb, but this hero doesn’t stop there.  The Adverb can also use her powers to modify adjectives and other adverbs in a sentence.  Now, that’s teamwork. 



The invasion begins immediately.

immediately: adverb modifying a verb (begins when?)

We’ll make our stand here.

here: adverb modifying a verb (make where?)


I’m glowing because I’m radioactive.

Because I’m radioactive: adverb phrase modifying a verb (glowing why?)


He expertly deflected the bullet.

expertly: adverb modifying a verb (deflected how?)


She has a very long reach.

very: adverb modifying an adjective (how long?)


My enemy attacked surprisingly fast.

surprisingly: adverb modifying another adverb (how fast?)

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