Super Grammar: Punctuation

Sunday, January 16, 2011


-->(We’ve already talked a little bit about how we’re planning on using super-teams in Super Grammar, but here we have the beginnings of our first super-team line-up.  This super-team is called The Super Symbols, and they are, of course, the punctuation marks that we need, and greatly rely on, to write our sentences.  These guardians of punctuation will all share a similar style uniform which will serve to distinguish them from the other super-teams.  Currently, we have four of the twelve super symbol team members pictured here, but we’ll be adding more characters to this line-up image soon, so stay tuned.)  
Never—ever—underestimate the power of punctuation! They may be small, and they may not be words, but these guys have a lot to say in your sentences.  These super symbols give great functionality, clarity, and resolution to each and every one of your sentences.  Each punctuation symbol has a specific power, and once you've mastered their code, The Super Symbols of punctuation will work to keep your sentences bullet-proof.



  1. Hello. I discovered this blog by accident, and have looked through it. Just want to say that I think this is a very interesting concept. I've long thought that superheroes could be used for a variety of education projects to great effect, especially for younger kids, so I think something like Super Grammar could be very useful (& fun).

    The only advice I would give would be to diversify your characters a bit. No reason all the superheroes have to be White, is there? Consider making a few of them Black, brown, and Asian.

    Just a thought. And if you don't find a publisher, you should consider self-publishing, with a service like Lulu or Blurb.

    Either way, good luck!

  2. Hi J.R.
    Thanks for checking out Super Grammar. We're glad you like the superhero format, and we appreciate you taking the time to leave a us comment. You'll be happy to know that having diversity in our superheroes has always been a part of our plan from the very start. If you check back on us later, we hope you'll like what you find. Also, thanks for suggesting self-publishing. The idea of self-publishing Super Grammar has certainly been on our radar, but having someone else suggest it is very encouraging and a welcome vote of confidence for us!

  3. LOLOL....Awesome works, wish I had this when I was a kid ;)

  4. Great job! I think your project will go far. I'll keep checking back for more superheroes, and will let my students know of your blog. Don't give up!

  5. Thank you for the really great feedback Shelley. We really appreciate it, and it's especially nice that it's coming from a teacher. Thanks again, and tell your students that we hope they enjoy our characters and that we've got more super-heroes and super-villains on the way!

  6. Please, please, reveal to us the super powers of the semi-colon! It's such an important part of punctuation and is sadly underestimated and misunderstood. Thanks Super Grammar!

  7. Shelley,

    We completely agree with you; semicolons are an important part of punctuation. At this time, though, we can't say exactly when The Semicolon will be revealed; however, when that time does come, we'll do our very best to convey the tremendous strength and elegance that this hero brings to our sentences. Thank you for your continued support!

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