Super Grammar: The Question Mark

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Question Mark

Are you looking for answers?  If so, The Question Mark is on your side.
The Question Mark is a very curious superhero.  This inquisitive piece of punctuation constantly seeks the answers to all of life’s questions, big and small.  He wants to know: who, when, where, and why? which one, how many, and for how long? would we, could we, should we, have we?  All of these questions—and a whole lot more—are possible because of this knowledge seeking hero, The Question Mark.

So, if you're looking for answers, you should definitely team up with this investigative and interrogative hero because he has the perfect power to help you find them.

The Question Mark is a member of The Sentence Ending Team, and he has the power to turn any sentence into a question.


Where are the diamonds?

Who dropped the stink bomb?

When is doomsday happening this year?

Before you think that The Question Mark is totally in the dark about everything, you should know about his ability to use a rhetorical* question.  

The rhetorical question gives The Question Mark the power to ask a question that he already knows the answer to.  The Question Mark uses this power when he wants to emphasis a point, be clever, or just plain be a super smarty-pants.

 Is it any wonder he's our hero?

Rhetorical question: emphasizing a point

How many lumps would you like, one or two?

Rhetorical question: being clever

Do you still think capes are a good idea?

Rhetorical question: being a super smarty-pants

*Rhetorical [ri-tor-i-kuhl] means that you’re using words and/or sentences in an artistic, flashy, skillful, and (sometimes) tricky way.

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