Super Grammar: ABOUT


Super Grammar is a fun, visual and engaging approach to teaching grammar using superheroes and supervillains. These super characters will help kids learn, understand, and remember the difficult subjects and concepts related to grammar. 

So have no fear! For even in the face of sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices, the superheroes of Super Grammar will always stand by your side as you fight your never-ending battle between good and bad grammar.

For us, the best learning tools have always included these three things: 
word association, visual aids, and superpowers. For this reason, we’ve taken all the major elements of grammar and have personified them with the identity of either a superhero or supervillain, and we’ve taken their functions and have transformed them into superpowers. 

So now, you won’t just learn about an ordinary part of speech called an adverb. Instead, you’ll meet the vibrant superhero called The Adverb, and you’ll learn about her awesome ability to modify verbs and other adverbs.

Also, you won’t simply be told that you shouldn’t use a double negative in a sentence. Instead, you will actually meet the sinister twin brothers who make up the supervillain team called Double Negative, and then you’ll learn why you shouldn’t let them trick you into falling for their double-talk!

And the superhero format will not end there. As we meet the characters of Super Grammar and learn about their powers, we’ll encounter example sentences to help us practice what we are learning. But we will never use run-of-the-mill textbook examples like, “Jane washed her hands before dinner.”

No! We will only use Super Examples like this one: 
The masked hero rescued the crowd.

Our superhero format will stay consistent throughout our entire book. From parts of speech, through punctuation, and in every one of our example sentences—the superhero tone and humor will always prevail!

Meet the Super Grammar superheroes here: SUPER-TEAMS!  

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