Super Grammar: Start the countdown!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Start the countdown!

Dear fellow superheroes,

We have exciting news to share with you!

Our workbook—The Grammar Missions!—is almost ready for release.
The Grammar Missions! workbook is the perfect sidekick to Super Grammar, and it’s filled with over 140 grammar mission assignments.

The training missions that you’ll undertake inside this workbook offer a fun and constructive way to practice and reinforce the lessons you’ve learned in Super Grammar. And, of course, The Grammar Missions! workbook continues with the very same style of superhero-themed examples that you’ve come to expect from Super Grammar.

Where will The Grammar Missions! be available?

Well, friends, that's the other part of today's news that we're excited to share with you. Our workbook and other Super Grammar content will soon be available on Teachers Pay Teachers (Also known as TpT).

As soon as we have a finalized release date (which should be soon!) for our workbook and other items, we will be announcing it here and also through our other top-secret channels (Psssst! I mean facebook and twitter).

That's it for now, but we'll have more information for you soon.

Thank you, friends—and may your sentences always be strong!

The Super Grammar Team

p.s. If you already have a TpT account, feel free to stop by our Super Grammar store and follow us there to be notified about new items through TpT:


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