Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Sentence Ending Team

One of the specialized jobs entrusted to the punctuation team, The Super Symbols, is telling the reader when a sentence has ended.  There are three Super Symbols Team members that have this power, and they are: The Period, The Question Mark, and The Exclamation Point.
These three sentence terminators all possess the power to signal the end of a sentence, but keep in mind that they are not simply here to end sentences—they’re also here to make a point!  Each of these super symbols is empowered with the ability to influence the character, voice, and mood of a sentence.  Are you calm, confused, angry, or determined?  Whichever it may be, the sentence ending team is ready to help you communicate it loud and clear. 

So, never forget to end your sentences with proper punctuation, and always remember that The Sentence Ending team is on your side—to the bitter end.



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