Super Grammar: The Subject

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Subject

This hero is an important part of the CompletionTeam (A.K.A. parts of a sentence), because without The Subject, our sentences would have nothing to talk about.
Every sentence has a central focus, a main character, someone or something that the sentence is talking about.  It's a tough job, but our hero, The Subject, loves to be the center of attention, and he uses all of his powers to make sure that the sentence is always about him.

The Subject has the power to be someone or something that a sentence is talking about.

To find the subject of a sentence, ask yourself: Who or What is the sentence talking about?

The subject can take the form of:  
  • A person
  • A place
  • A thing



Mr. Muscles can bench-press a lot.
Who or What can bench press a lot? 
The subject as a person: Mr. Muscles


The capital city is protected.

Who or What is protected? 
The subject as a place: The capital city


The time bomb is ticking.

Who or What is ticking? 
The subject as a thing (tangible/concrete): The time bomb


Greed is a powerful force.

Who or What is a powerful force? 
The subject as a thing (abstact/intangible): Greed 

The Subject gets all his strength and power from working together with his partner, The Predicate.  If The Subject is ever separated from The Predicate, he becomes incomplete, and that makes him weak.  If this happens, watch out for an attack from that crumbly villain, The Fragment.

There are two members that belong to The CompletionTeam (A.K.A. parts of a sentence), and they are The Subject and The Predicate. These two sentence superheroes always work together because they get their strengths and powers from working with each other.


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