Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Adjective

The Adjective is a hero with an incredible eye for detail, and as a member of The Amazing Eight (A.K.A. parts of speech), this hero puts his keen powers of observation to work for the good of all our sentences.
The Adjective is a modifier, and with the help of his super handy modifying tool, he delivers a fist full of descriptive power to nouns.  The details supplied by The Adjective serve our sentences by adding richness and interest to the people, places, and objects within them.  For instance, “the hero” can become “the fearless hero,” and “the villain” can become “the twisted villain.”  Also, adjectives can be very useful additions to our sentences because they add clarity and understanding by answering the questions: which one, how many, and what kind?

So, the next time you want to add some distinct and dynamic description to your sentences, remember our detail oriented hero—The Adjective. 

The Adjective has the ability to modify nouns in a sentence with the addition of descriptive detail.  By modifying these words with description, he helps answer these questions: which one, how many, and what kind?

The slimy thief got away.

slimy: adjective answering the question which one?

Three heroes are on patrol.

Three: adjective answering the question how many?

Circuit Breaker is a powerful villain.

powerful: adjective answering the question what kind?

The Adjective has The Power of Phrasing.  Sometimes an adjective needs to be more than a single word to properly do its job.  This is when The Adjective uses The Power of Phrasing.  This power allows the adjective to stretch out into being several words that act as a single unit within a sentence.  This group of words is called: a phrase.


The man with the enormous brain is controlling us.

with the enormous brain: adjective phrase answering the question which one?

His more than two arms gave him the advantage.

more than two: adjective phrase answering the question how many?

He is a hero of tremendous virtue.

of tremendous virtue: adjective phrase answering the question what kind?


  1. Awesome , I wish I had super grammar growing up ;)

  2. More Super Grammar Artwork!

    It's so much fun to watch the progress of the Super Grammar project. The latest hero, The Adjective, compliments his fraternal twin, The Adverb quite nicely.

    While The Adjective is still in the temporary artwork phase I was wondering if this hero would have "long pants" instead of the shorts - the poor man's legs look cold - he now wears when the character concept is final?

    I am also curious about the "tools" depicted. Does The Adverb sport a wrench, a key, and a file? And does The Adjective have a flat-head screwdriver, a tuning fork, and a drill bit? Yes, these are burning questions in my household!

  3. sommerschild,

    We're really happy that you're having fun with Super Grammar! We're also glad that you noticed the similarities (in the artwork) between The Adjective and The Adverb. Since they're both modifiers with a similar type of function, it only makes sense that they have a similar look to their super costumes and armaments.

    In regards to whether The Adjective will be wearing pants or shorts, you'll have to wait and see, just as we will. Adding color to artwork can really change things around, and we won't know what these changes are until we pull out our brushes and paint buckets.

    So, you want to know about their super handy modifier tools. They are intriguing aren't they? The tools you've described, a wrench, key, and file (for The Adverb), and flat-head screwdriver, tuning fork, and drill bit (for The Adjective), are certainly what those objects appear to be. But, at this point, it's impossible to say with any kind of certainty exactly what those devices are. All we know for sure is that those crazy looking gadgets are super effective at modifying words!

  4. The modifier (The Adjective!) has been modified!

    I see that the "brushes and paint buckets" have been brought out and the results in The Adjective's character design development now show a 'balanced' costume, i.e.; goggles with red lenses, red belt, the 'visual weight' of the red footgear and the complete coverage of the legs balance the upper-body of the hero. Also, the vibrant yellow of the costume gives a nice counter-point to The Adverb's brilliant red costume.

    Very nicely done Super Grammar!

  5. sommerschild,

    Yes, the "brushes and paint buckets" did come out. We're glad that you like The Adjective's colors, and we're also glad that you think the yellow gives a nice counter-point to The Adverb's red, because that's exactly why we did it. Thank you for noticing!

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