Monday, March 4, 2013

Today is National Grammar Day!

Happy National Grammar Day, everybody!

In celebration of this year's National Grammar Day, we here at Super Grammar have decided to do some grammar-related good deeds. And so far, we have successfully completed two of these grammar-related good deeds. You can see them here: Grammar Good Deed #1 and Grammar Good Deed #2.

For today—March 4th—Super Grammar has one more grammar-related good deed to do, and we're pretty excited about it!

Today, for Grammar Good Deed #3, we are doing our very first school visit. And on this school visit, we'll be talking to a class of 4th graders about the importance of good grammar and the importance of fighting to keep your sentences strong and correct. Something just seemed perfect about doing this on National Grammar Day itself!

During this classroom visit, we're planning on doing a Super-Grammar-style grammar review using our superheroes, supervillains, and Super Examples from our book. We're hopeful that the kids will enjoy our presentation and that afterwards they'll all have a better understanding and appreciation for the power of good grammar! (We'll post about this school visit tomorrow, so be sure to check back with us later to hear the super details.)

We wish we had the time to stop in on everybody's 4th grade classroom today, including yours. But let's face it, even our superpowers have their limits! In any case, we hope that you will also join us in celebrating this National Grammar Day by fighting to keep your sentences strong and correct!

To do a grammar review of your own, just use the "LABELS" menu bar (on the right-hand side) to choose any Super Grammar character you'd like to learn about, or click on any of the Super Grammar super-team images below to learn more about that super-team:

Have a happy National Grammar Day, and may your sentences always be strong!

The Super Grammar Team

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