Friday, February 22, 2013

Grammar Good Deed #1

Look alive, citizens!

National Grammar Day is just around the corner, and we here at Super Grammar would like to lend a super-powered helping hand in raising awareness to this special day. So in honor of this year's National Grammar Day, March 4th, we're planning on doing some grammar-related good deeds.

For our first good deed, we'd like to offer you this: A free (print-it-yourself) National Grammar Day Poster!
Just grab the high-resolution PDF file from our download page and print!

This poster (featuring the Subject) is available in two sizes: 8.5"x11" (small) and 17"x22" (large). You can pick the size that works best for you, or you can grab them both. And remember, these files are free, so be sure to pass this along to your friends.


We hope this poster is as a good start to powering up your National Grammar Day, and we also hope it serves to inspire some of you to plan on doing some grammar-related good deeds of your own.

Have a great Friday, and may your sentences always be strong!

The Super Grammar Team

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