Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Grammar Goes To Comic-Con

Holy interjections!  Super Grammar is going to the San Diego Comic-Con this year!

That’s right—our favorite children’s books author/illustrator and co-creator of Super Grammar, Rhode Montijo, will be adding Super Grammar to his annual line-up of featured children’s books, comics, and artwork at this years Comic-Con, July 21–24. 

Currently, our Super Grammar book is still in production, so we won’t have actual copies of our book available this year, but we will be putting out the good word about our super powered version of grammar as well as promoting our website.

To help us with our promotion, we’ll be giving away these super powerful bookmarks.  They have the awesome power to help you remember which page you’re on in a book you’re reading—ANY book.  Plus, they have the added power of helping you remember where to find our website.  Behold their glory!

One side of the bookmark will feature the heroes.
And the flip side will feature the villains.
If you’re going to Comic-Con this year, please stop in on us and pick up a bookmark.  We’d love to meet you!  

We’ll be posting our convention hall location as soon as we have the info. 

Thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you there!

The Super Grammar Team

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